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Trefoil Cleats

Cleat Material: Composite
Frame: 50mm*2.0mm, marine grade, Non-magnetic 316L
Closure Hardware: Captive 316SS M8 or M10 bolt and Nylon Lock Nut
Integral Pad: Smoke, Low Fume, Halogen Free
Tools Required: Wrench
Mounting Bolt: Provided with the Cable Cleat
Performance on the Cable Cleats
Resistance to Electromechanical Force: 230KA Peak 300mm Spacing
Lateral Load Test: average 25 kg
Axial Load Test: Pass
Operating Temperature Range: – 40℃ ~ 120℃
Resistance to Impact: Very Heavy
Needle Flame Test: 30 Seconds
Resistant to UV light Test: 1000 hours